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Market Street Gold is one of the best shops in the East Market that offers a wide variety of branded watches and jewelry. We also provide expert repair services to help restore and maintain the quality of your jewelry. Whether you need a piece of jewelry for an event or as a gift to a loved one, Market Street Gold has something to offer for every occasion.

Market Street Gold
Market Street Gold

About Our Store

In 1993, Market Street Gold opened its doors to customers in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then, we became one of the premier retailers of luxurious watches and jewelry for men and women in the busiest area in the state. You can find us at the Center City District, adjacent to the Philadelphia Convention Center and surrounded by historical landmarks.

Your Support Means a Lot

Our team attributes the shop’s success to our loyal clients who are continuously supporting our business. We cherish the extended relationships we have made throughout the years and anticipate new beginnings in the future. For this reason, we make sure we provide optimal customer service to our clients.

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For inquiries, comments, or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line today. Our generous staff will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.